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If you want to have the time of your life, the next time that you visit London, perhaps you should stop by Balham escorts. When my regular escorts service was overbooked last weekend, I found Balham escort service and I had the most amazing hot date with a Polish babe called Veronika. Not only did Veronika charge me less, but I had the hottest time out of my life. This is just what you need when you are into dating hot escorts, and I must say that I think that I will see more of Veronika in the near future.

the great balham escorts are here
the great balham escorts
are here

It goes without saying that Veronika is not the only hot babe who works for Balham escorts. Check out the website, and you will soon discover that there is a lot more to this agency. Very few agencies are so well balanced as Balham escort services. When you look at a lot of escorts services around London, you will see a lot of them only have a certain kind of girl available. Not so with the girls in Balham, what ever you need in the way of escorts, is available in Balham. So, if you would like to spoil yourself, wait no further.

What I really like about Balham escorts is that you can date talent from allover the world. So, if you would like to date hot Black babes, you can do so at the agency. Personally, I like to date around with different cosmopolitan girls, so I don’t think that Veronika will be the only hot babe that I meet up with the agency. I am sure that most gents feel exactly the same way. All of the gents that I have spoken to recently seem to think that variety is a spice of life, and I would agree with that.

I have been dating for quite some time, so variety has come to mean a lot to me. When I used VIP agencies, I did not feel that I got that sort of variety. Most of the girls that I met up with eventually blended into one, and in the end, they all started to look the same. I would have loved to say that I was happy with the VIP escorts service that I was using, but so far I am a lot happier with Balham escorts, and I really enjoy their talent.

So, if you fancy a really sexy date, you should check out Balham escorts. There is no doubt in my mind that the hot babes at the service have exactly what you need to enjoy your date. If the date is not for you, then you can always move on and check out another service. However, as a serial dater of London hot babes, Balham is one of the best and most exotic services that I have ever come across, and I cannot help to think that you will feel exactly the same way, once you meet the sexy, stunning vixens in Balham.

West London Escorts Girls

I have dated very much a couple hot women in focal London however I didn’t realize that there were such a large number of hot women in West London I have quite recently moved to West London and began to date West London escorts. The young ladies are a percentage of the most smoking and kinkiest that i have ever met and I feel that a considerable lot of them are superior to VIP London escorts. Mind you, I am not going to run the young ladies down in focal London in light of the fact that they have taken care of me extremely well to date. I am certain that I will date in focal London again yet meanwhile I am adhering to my West London young ladies.

Tulsa is one of my most loved West London escorts. She has around two years’ experience of being an escort and she is a standout amongst the most prominent young ladies at the office. She has long blonde hair and a truly cure dimple on every cheek as she grins. I regularly date her on a Friday night as I have abandoned going down the bar. The bar is alright however Tulsa is one of my sweet little treats for the weekend. I can absolutely comprehend why she is a standout amongst the most prevalent young ladies at the organization.

Tina is some more of a challenging woman. Bizarrely for me she is a brunette yet I do appreciate her conversation. She has a decent body and as a previous lap dance specialist she truly knows how to perform on my lap. She is one of the sexiest women that I have ever met and has a fascinating taste in underwear. We ordinarily get together on Saturday evening after I have played golf and we spend a heavenly two hours in secret in her condo. I cherish being with Tina and I feel that she appreciates my conversation also.

Gemma is a genuine jewel with regards to escorts. She used to work in focal London yet gave it after the rents of flats turned out to be too high. She now works low maintenance for West London escorts and whatever remains of the time she spends underwear demonstrating. She needed to be an expert model full time however the compensation wasn’t up to much. She got into escorting through a sweetheart and appreciated it. I am happy that she took up escorting as she is such shocking young lady. I simply love taking her out on the town.

West London escorts additionally do a great deal of other stuff, for example, pair dating and dating for couples. I am not into any of that and I incline toward my one-on-one dates. I have constantly delighted in individual time with escorts and I would like to keep on doing as such. I am a separated fellow and another marriage is not on the cards. I incline toward adhering to my West London escorts. I can have the best of both world’s like this; a touch of sexy fraternity and flexibility to do different things. Be that as it may, I would suggest the escort’s benefits in West London to any recognizing gent.

South London escorts are refreshing

Are you into dating escorts, but are sort of in an escorts rut? It happens, sometimes you end up dating the same girls all of the time. Recently I realized that I was always dating the same girls, and I ended in a routine. I did enjoy the company of the girls that I was dating, but I was always dating the same girls and doing the same thing. it was beginning to get boring, and I needed to change my routine.

Finding new escorts services is not easy. Here in the UK escorts agencies really don’t advertise, and you sort of need to hunt around for escorts services on the Internet. In the end, I managed to find South London escorts, and I decided to check them out. The girls on the web site were just as sexy as the girls I was dating in central London. The only difference is that the rates at the South London escort agency was a bit cheaper.

feel the presence of fun and excitement in your life
feel the presence of fun and excitement in your life

Looking at the girls’ about me page, I noticed that they supplied a lot of difference services. For instance, I noticed that South London escorts were into duo dating. This is something which is new to me, and that I had never tried before. I made a bit of a mental note of that, and I thought it might be something which I might try some time.

There were also other things and offer. The girls at my old agency only really did Swedish massages, but the girls at the South London escorts agency also offered Nuru and tantric massages. I have tried neither and it would be kind of exciting to try both. It also said that personal sensual massages were available, and I was curious to know more. It sounded different and I was now kind of looking forward to meeting some of the girls, and finding out more about them. However, I had a bit more research to do first of all.

I called the agency front desk at South London escorts, and spoke to one of the receptionist. She sounded really professional and answered all of my questions. She did not seem to mind that I was new to the agency. Instead, she took it in her stride and asked me what my dating experience was. I was happy to answer as she had so nice manner, and was easy to talk to.

The next evening I went on my first date, and I had a really good time with the South London escort that I had booked the date with. She was nice and fresh, and had a big smile on her face. She was perfect in every way, and very sexy. We had a great time together, and I will certainly like to see her again.

Dating around and checking out new escorts such as South London escort services is great, and can freshen up your dating life. Now, I mix and match and don’t use the same agency all of the time. I am going to continue to date girls from my old agency, but I am also going to date others so that I can have some new experiences.

Romford escorts

Mmmm, I am sure you think that you have dated the best Romford escorts, but I don’t think that you have enjoyed a date with me yet… My name is Saga and I work for one of the VIP Romford escorts agencies, and do you know why??? Well, I am simply one of the hottest girls in town. Well, don’t look so surprised… I am not telling any lies – I am truly one of a kind, and if you want to date me you should perhaps give me a call right now. Just to make sure that you know how hot I am, I am posting some pictures of me online so you can take a look.

Which do you prefer?

Tell me, do you prefer redheads or blondes? I hear that gentlemen prefer blondes but I am not sure that I am that sort of girl that gentlemen would like to date. But then again, you don’t have to be a gentlemen all the time, do you? I like to meet naughty boys sometimes, and if you like to be a naughty boy, I would like to meet you. Perhaps you and I can be naughty together, I have some really naughty things that I like to do and I am sure you do as well.

Naughty Romford escorts

Most Romford escorts can be a bit naughty when they go out on dates, but I take naughtiness to the extreme. Some girls are just a little bit naughty but I like being VERY naughty, and I would just love to show you what that means. I think that there are so many naughty delights that you can get up to behind closed doors. All you need to do, is to shut the world away, turn down the lights a little and I will show you may ideas of naughty delights. It might take a little while, because I have a few of them, so you better give me at least two hours of your time.


You see, all of us Romford escorts like to play but I like to play more than most girls in this part of town. When you visit me for a play date, you will find that I have lots of toys that we can play with together. Sometimes I pick the toys but on other occasions, I will be really nice and let you pick the toys. Tell me honey, what sort of toys do you like? Do you like that sort of toys that bring a little bit of pleasure but maybe a bit of pain at the same time? My pleasure and pain zones are very close together, but I am no so sure where exactly. Maybe you would like to come and help me to explore my zones a bit more than I am able to do on my own.

Well, Romford isn’t exactly Sin City but that doesn’t stop me from being a bit of a sinful girl. If you like naughty but playful young ladies, you should come and visit me here in Harlow. I have some sinful fantasies that I would like to tell you about.

How to start your own lingerie business

Let’s face it – most ladies enjoy buying lingerie and have their own personal opinions what lingerie should look like. I quite like pretty lingerie, and my lingerie is lacy and black but not all the time. I think there are some very talented lingerie designers out there and some of them are even former London escorts. A friend of mine who used to work for a London escort services has recently set up her own lingerie business and I must say that I admire her for it. She in now designing and selling her own lingerie from a shop in Mayfair.

I have to say that Lisa is one of the smarter London escorts that I have ever met. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and how she was going to go about it. First of all Lisa worked really hard for one of London escorts agencies but instead of wasting her money, she saved a lot of it. The majority of Lisa’s money eventually went on sensible things such an apartment and what she called her education fund. All the money in her educational fund eventually allowed her to go to design college and she trained to be a clothing designer.

Once she had finished design college, she sat about designing her own unique ranges and found a factory in Wales who could make them up. After that she started selling her designs to other London escorts and all of the London escorts who bought her stuff absolutely loved it. In a very short space of time she had made a really good name for herself. Around that time Lisa decided that she had enough money and set up her own shop in Mayfair. It is a really posh store and she sells her designs to lots of wealthy people. Her instore line is exclusive to the store but she does have another line that she sells on the Internet. Talking about being smart!

Most London escorts still Lisa’s designs and she is very popular with all sorts of people. One of my London escorts friends told me that she has even sold some of her designs to the Royal Family.

She has certainly done very well for herself and I am sure that her business will continue to grow. Most of the ladies and gents who shop with her don’t know that she used to work for London escorts services. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with your life…

Running a business successfully is never easy and I am ever so proud of Lisa. I often shop in her shop and the lingerie is just beautiful. The quality is amazing and I just love it. I do pay a bit more but the end result is that I get some unique lingerie which last for years. My husband likes as well but if I told him the price he might be less impressed. However, I think that I deserve it and I just love the way Lisa’s lingerie makes me feel.


Fictional story to show what is possible if you put your mind to it.

Essex Escorts Offer So Much More

Just because you don’t live in central London doesn’t mean that you can’t date escorts. A lot of men, including myself, who have been married and divorced a couple of times, enjoy dating escorts. I am a busy airline pilot so I don’t have the time to drive into London to date escorts all the time.

However, I am pleased I have been able to find Essex escorts. There are quite a few Essex escorts working in this area at the moment, and some of the Essex escorts agencies offer an excellent service.

The Essex escorts agencies that I have been using offer an excellent service, and the Essex escorts that I have dated have been great and become good friends.


I am not really into hard core sexy escorts. No, I like a bit of a more sophisticated lady and I have been able to find her in Louisa. She is in her late 30’s but she is absolutely stunning. She is very sexy but in a sophisticated sort of way found her at

She is a lady that I love to take out to dinner, and we spend a lot of time together. It suits me down to the ground as she is a very refined lady who understands her role in my life. I have been married twice, and I do not want to get into a serious relationship at present.

Louisa has the most amazing blonde hair, and she stands 5 ft 7 in her black stocking feet. She has been at escorts for over 15 years. First of all she worked in central London, and when she had earned enough money she moved out to Essex.

I know that I am not Louisa’s only date but she is the only escort for me, and to me she is special. It is great to be able to have a lady like Louisa to blow off steam with and have some sexy fun. I know that she is just a sexy companion but to me she means so much more than that.

It would be great if she wanted to be a bigger part of my life but at the moment I am not ready for that, and I don’t think she is neither. We never speak about being exclusive with each other but it might come one day.

I am not sure that Louisa wants to be exclusive with anybody. She is a very strong and independent lady, and I think she will forever be a singleton. Mind you, I think that I will be a singleton for the rest of my life as well. It seems to suit and I am much more happier this way.

If, I ever start to feel lonely I will start to revalue my life but as long as there is a Louisa in my life I doubt that I will ever feel lonely as she satisfies my every need. Maybe there is a Louisa in your life as well. Could it be that we should all have a bit of Louisa in our lives…

Summer knickers or thongs?

What type of underwear do you wear in the summer? Are you into cotton knickers or thongs? I personally like to wear thongs in the summer but I do know that a lot of ladies are not into thongs that much anymore. It almost seems that things have gone out of fashion a little bit.

Many of my girlfriends who work as London escorts say that things really have gone out fashion, and that thongs are not going to be big sellers this summer. As a matter of fact, after having looked around the shops, I have noticed that there aren’t that many shops selling thongs.

A couple of London escorts that I know run their own lingerie web site, and they say that they have bought in less thongs for the summer season. According to this pair of London escorts, cotton knickers are in and thongs are out. Cotton knickers can be very comfortable when it comes to summer but I am of the opinion that less is often better during the summer time, and I love my thongs.

G String

Whatever happened to the humble g-string? A few years ago London escorts used to report that ladies wore a lot of g-strings but they seem to have dropped out of fashion as well.

G-strings, according to London escorts, were the perfect holiday or vacation accessory. They were cheap to buy, easy to pack and could be thrown away to return home. Even good old Marks and Spencer’s used to do a roaring trade in g-strings.

Suzi and Birgitta, the two London escorts who run the lingerie site, say that they only sell g-strings as part of sexy assembles now. Ladies don’t buy them anymore as the ideal holiday wear. A lot of g-strings are now much more sophisticated and may even come with little bits of jewellery on them at the back.


I still think that thongs are very pretty, and I did manage to find some recently. As a matter of fact, I like them very much and they have a sexy little butterfly at the back.

The thongs that are available today are much prettier and seem to be much better designed than they were a few years ago. They may have little decorations on them and are certainly not as plain as they used to be. As a result, they are bit more expensive than they used to be but if you are a keen thing buyer, it doesn’t really matter. My new thongs cost a lot more than they used to do a few years ago.

Many men think it is funny that us girls think of lingerie as a fashion statement. We may even like to show off the top of our thongs, and we think it looks sexy when you bend down to show off the top of your thong. I don’t know if men find this sexy at all. but I will ask my husband next time. I will bend time to show off my thong, and ask him if he finds it sexy or not.

Thongs or g-strings still make the best summer underwear in my opinion, what do you think???

Sexy Knickers Rule the World

Harrow is kind of a posh place, and Harrow escorts like to wear nice knickers, you can see some these Harrow escorts wear sexy knickers on this website Mind you, that being said, it is not only Harrow escorts who appreciate nice knickers, I like my nice knickers as well.

My friends who work as Harrow escorts tell me that Harrow is not the best place to go shopping for underwear. So, where do Harrow escorts buy their underwear? I sat down and had a chat to a group of Harrow escorts to find out where they go lingerie shopping.


The main part of London is only a short train ride away from Harrow, and a lot of the girls do like going “into town” for some underwear shopping. London is full of exclusive apartment stores that sell the most exclusive lingerie. I have my favourite places to go underwear shopping, and some of the main department stores are not very far from my home.

Some of the Harrow escorts that I spoke to said that they go knicker shopping at Harrods. They seem to like the atmosphere that Harrods offer. It is a bit more upmarket, and you do get a lot of personal attention. None of the underwear is slutty, and you can also find some really nice material here. Silk is popular, and silk is just so much longer lasting when you need to wash it a lot.

Harvey Nicholas is another popular department store just down the street from Harrods. It was made famous by the television series Absolutely Fabulous. It is slightly different from Harrods, and I don’t shop there a lot. I do buy some make up from there, but most of my lingerie will come from Harrods or one of the smaller boutiques.

Debenhams is a massive department, and they have a huge range. This seem to be another popular store with Harrow escorts, and a lot of them buy their underwear there. It is not really posh but the underwear can be a bit more adventurous. Debenhams is also less expensive, and you will get some excellent value for money.


In recent years a lot of escorts in Harrow have set up their own online shops, and are selling anything from lingerie to sex toys. A lot of the girls like to support each others business, so many of them shop online for their underwear.

Online you will find some of the “riskier” lingerie, and if you are into fetish wear, this is the best place to shop. The great thing about shopping online is that you don;t need to worry about carrying your purchases home. Everything is delivered directly to your front door, and most of the time the packaging is very discreet so no problem there.


London’s Soho district is another good place to buy sexy lingerie and fetish gear. It is full of smaller shops, and the main

benefit is that you get a great personal service. Some of the shops have their own unique brands and designs, so if you are looking for unique pieces, this is the place to come.

After a couple of coffees we agreed that shopping online is not as fun as shopping as shopping “in the flesh” so to speak.

Hottest Lingerie in Town

A lot of london escorts run lingerie shops as well as running other businesses such as sex shops. They say that there is fashion trade when it comes to lingerie as well. Some fashions are more popular than others, and you may even find that lingerie fashion will vary with the seasons.

cheap london escorts
nice lingerie for cheap london escorts

A couple of london escorts that help us at here at Better Sex said that there is quite a distinct difference between summer and winter trends when it comes to lingerie fashions, and most escorts like to follow lingerie trends just like other women.

Quite a few london escorts are very aware of what is popular in the world of lingerie fashion as they also model lingerie. It may surprise you, but some of the models we see in magazines and on catwalks are london escorts. Many of these girls are given the lingerie they model by the manufacturer. It is an excellent way of promoting the brand, and of course the escorts will wear it a lot.

The Four Season In Lingerie Fashion

So, what is popular during the four seasons and how does lingerie fashion change throughout the year.


Summer is a great time to wear lighter lingerie. During this time of the year sales of things go up at an alarming rate, and even Marks and Spencer report that they sell more thongs during summer. Thongs have been part of mainstream lingerie for quite some time now, and most ladies now prefer to wear them in the summer time instead of knickers.

Millions of things are sold just in the UK every year, and the US based companies such as Freddies of Hollywood, also report that thing sales increase during summer. A lot of cheap london escorts like to wear thongs all year around as they can make your bum look really sexy.


During autumn we seem to want to get a little bit more romantic, and we pull on our lacy knickers and get back into buying bras.

There are many different bra styles to choose from but a couple of london escorts that I spoke to said that push up bras, or balcony bras, are still the most popular style of bras.

Some of the main lingerie chains now say that they mainly sell push bras as ladies want to look their best for their husbands and partners. As a matter of fact, push bras outsell all other bras available in the market today.


This is the time of the year when the stockings start coming out, and if you want to be glamorous in your stockings, you might want to add a basques. Most london escorts that I know claim that their husbands loves basques, and they normally buy a couple new basques every winter.

Teddies are also very popular during this time of the year as they perhaps offer that little bit of extra warmth and comfort. They can also look great together with a pair of stockings.


Now we are back in a bit of a lighter mode again, and a lot of ladies and london escorts invest in frilly knickers again. French knickers have been very popular recently, and whilst they are a bit bigger, escorts still say that many men find them sexy. They have a bit of charm about them, and of course there is extra “hand room”.

Just like any other clothing, lingerie fashion will come and go. Most escorts in london like to keep up with fashion and like to keep their wardrobes well stocked.

Sexy Lingerie Styles That Will Attract

701-B1A03-7E013XXLCan you arouse your partner with just one glance? You can with the right lingerie! Play with your partner’s senses with sexy lingerie, giving their eyes some candy. Getting naked means intimacy and sex; individuals like lingerie because it creates an aura of mystery and allure. It can make your partner forget all the other things in the world and focus their eyes on you.

If you bring your partner shopping with you for lingerie, try asking what they like; it might ruin the surprise but most often, they will answer “red one perhaps”. Not really helpful, but try getting a red one with a different style, but don’t show it until later. Your partner will get curious and borderline naughty and excited.

So what will you buy? Try these sexy lingerie styles to attract your sex partner into a bedroom session that they will never forget.

Classic Lingerie

Classics are all about showing curves underneath sheer clothing. It matches women who like to be sexy but not slutty. Think satin, silk, laces. If you want to play with the safe domineering side, try black or red lingerie. Sweet and sensuous can be portrayed by undertones of beige, pink and white.

Florals and Laces

The next level seductress, lace bras and camisoles with nude colors attract men like bees are attracted to flowers. Details on laces are like beautiful art that’s been painted on your skin. Choose black lace bras with nude colored sheer and satin straps.

Want to show off some mystery? Choose a bra with lace details on the cleavage area. It gives the illusion of just wearing a camisole

Raunchy Lingerie

Some think it’s too much but you can be the perfect temptress in raunchy lingerie. What it shows it what it means; step out of your comfort zone. Contrary to most conclusions that red is the sexiest lingerie color, many prefer black; think black lace corset paired with stockings. Or try a sheer black open bra with matching thong and suspender belt.

Stripper Lingerie

For Valentines or special occasions, why not give your partner a gift, yourself! Surprise them in your boudoir with bowtie lingerie. It’ll make you look like you’ve been wrapped with a huge red ribbon. If that’s too simple for your taste, try g-strings and bra with red bowties.

Costume stripper lingerie can also only mean naughty foreplay. For one thing, you’ll look hot on red lacy thong or baby doll chemise. Some people love it when you try something new on the bedroom and that they imagine it to be your level. Want something steamier; try latex lingerie sets with matching bar cuffs and accessories. For more information visit at city of eve.