Do you think that your man may be a love rat? I am not really cynical when it comes to love, but at the same time, I have learned a thing or two during my time with London escorts. Not all men are really in love with you when they say that they love you and want to spend their time with you. I recently had a boyfriend who promised me the earth, but it turned out that he was in fact just into going out with me because I worked for a London escorts.

I know for a fact that I am not the only girl at London escorts this has happened. Rather a few London escorts claim that they are not, or have not, been lucky in love. Often when you mention to a man that you work for a London escorts service, you can his eyes light up as to say “ oh yeah – I got a good one right here”. I think that there are some men who really get a kick out of meeting girls who work for London escorts. It is almost like they target us.

When I first got involved with London escorts, I thought that a lot of men really saw London escorts are mini celebs if you know what I mean. On the first couple of dates, they tended to treat you like the best thing since sliced bread. However, that soon changed, and they started to treat you like a cheap tart or a prostitute instead. These days, I try to stay away from the usual hangouts that London escorts use. Yes, it is nice to have a man in my life. But at the same time, I don’t want to be used and abused.

If you think that you are dating a love rat and that he is cheating on you with other women, the best thing you can do is to drop him. I am sure that there are many other men out there who like to take you out on dates. Spending time with a love rat is just a complete waste of time. No matter what you do, your relationship is not going to go anywhere. You risk of being stuck into a lop of dating love rats. That is what I have learned since I got into working for London escorts.

Where do you find men who are not love rats? That can be hard to tell. My advice to you would be to stay away from things like dating sites and speed dating. This is where a lot of love rats operate. Don’t for one moment think that all men on dating sites are love rats, but they can be. They get a kick out chatting up women and spending time with them. Most of them are probably not even love with you. They are much more likely to be in love with themselves. Just another top tip that I have learned during my time with London escorts.

Why My Love Is Better Than Yours.
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